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Training Centre – Hamilton

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In addition to our widespread range of services, Metro Truck Group is now a Corporate sponsored Daimler training facility operating out of our head office in Hamilton, Ontario. Given that we are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve, we now have the ability to offer technicians from across Eastern Canada, updated training on the latest technologies through courses focusing on diagnostics and repair on Freightliner and Detroit products.

Being that we are the only Daimler training facility in all of Ontario, we are highly committed to providing the best possible experience for technicians. Our training facility is equipped with over $1,000,000 worth of engines, aftertreatments, tear down engines, transmissions, tooling vehicle simulators and more. With two certified trainers, well-appointed classrooms and component areas, we are the #1 state of the art, technologically advanced training centre in North America.


We have partnered up with Sandman Hotel Hamilton to provide accommodations for technicians attending classes. Once enrolled, technicians will be provided with a Corporate Code to get the Metro Truck Group preferred rate.

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